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Screw Pile Installation Advantages

Benefits to using Helical piles

There are several reasons why one foundation type may be more appropriate for your needs than another when choosing one. The easiest approach to deciding which one is right for you is to take into account its benefits listed. Screw piles Calgary are commonly used and useful in both residential and commercial construction projects where a deep ground foundation is needed. Because of the soil in the Calgary, Alberta area, we are adamant that the benefits associated with employing our helical piles much outweigh those of any other form of deep ground foundation system.

Fast Foundation Installation

At the Calgary Screw Pile Pros, our crew can rapidly access a worksite site due to our specialised and modestly sized installation equipment. Because helical screw pilings are turned into the soil like a screw using special equipment, the time it takes to install a foundation is much shorter than that of concrete where excavation is done. Instead of excavating and pouring like concrete, helical piles are rotated into the earth until an acceptable depth and soil conditions are met. Also, as there are no cure times like with concrete foundations, screw piles can be constructed right after installation is completed. This is great since it ensures that construction delays are kept to a minimum, which lowers labour expenses and frees up more time for your build overall.

Allow for Immediate Construction

A wet agent, such as concrete or grout, is employed in the majority of foundation cases. Before they can be built on, they must be dry enough to support the load of the structure placed upon them. This may take many days until it is ready, which will inevitably cause the building process to be delayed. Screw piles are distinctive in that they can be employed right away. This is good since it considerably decreases the amount of time required for construction, which is especially helpful if the structure must be used immediately. Furthermore, most soil types in Calgary contribute to the long-term stability of our piles.

Non- invasive, Minimal Site & Soil Disturbance

Screw piles are exceptional foundation products because they produce extremely little disturbance when installation operations are being carried out. Also, due to the compact nature of the installation equipment, there is very little disturbance to work sites or yards when piles are put in. There is little mess generated and no need for a labor-intensive clean up effort after installation because no soil removal is required. As a result, there will be less work required, which will lower costs for both us and our consumers. Unlike conventional steel piles that have to be hammered into the ground, helical pile installation results in low ground vibration, which is advantageous for locations that are sensitive to ground movement as well as nearby or neighbouring structures.

Easily Removable Piers for Temporary Structures or Changes

The simplicity with which helical screws are originally inserted into the ground also translates into the ease with which they can be removed. The specialised installation equipment that is used to rotate piles into the ground can be reversed to also rotate a pile from the ground after installation. 

This functionality of steel screw piles is a great advantage when structures are only needed temporarily or if engineering or design changes are made after they are installed.


Benefits exceeding all other alternatives

Because of the advancement in engineering, fabrication processes and installation equipment screw piles easily surpass all other alternative foundations. If you wish to learn more about engineered screw pile foundations contact the Calgary Screw Pile Pros today for a free estimate.