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Alberta One-Call Utility Locates for

Helical Pile Installations

Calgary Screw Pile Pros

Click Before You Dig, Calgary

Click before you dig, Calgary, and save yourself from possible fines, headaches, and even injury or death. If you live in Calgary and are looking to improve upon your property, or complete any task that requires you to dig into the ground, you need to have the information required to dig safely. Many Calgary residents do not realize the need to call ahead when preparing to dig on their property. This article will provide guidance on why, how, and when you should click before you dig. 

When should you call before a dig? How long does it take to get lines marked? Will all lines be marked, or will some stay unmarked? Throughout our areas and across the country, there are many lines buried within the ground. It is the responsibility of the homeowner or contractor hired by the homeowner to know precisely where utility lines are buried prior to any digging of the property. Lines can include sewer lines, power lines, and water mains. At Calgary Screw Pile Pros, we always make sure we are aware of all buried lines prior to beginning any project.


  • When Should a Homeowner Call Before a Dig?

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Lines Marked?

  • Will All Lines Be Marked, or Could There be Buried Utilities That Stay Unmarked?

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Roughly where is your project located?

When Should a Homeowner Call Before a Dig?

The Calgary Screw Pile Pros realize that there are many times when a property is undergoing improvements. We understand that homeowners may not realize how important it is to know where utility lines are located and how to avoid them during a construction project. As part of our procedures, we require that all utilities are marked and identified prior to beginning a project and will not begin until there is no doubt that we are safe and our work will not affect the community at large. With that being said, when should a homeowner click before a dig? 

Home and business owners need to have a utility line locate completed for all screw pile installation projects, as all require an Alberta One-Call utility locate be completed prior to work being scheduled.

How Long Does it Take to Get Lines Marked?

Currently, the average wait time for getting your utilities marked is three business days from the date of the request. But, during busy season this can increase to over two weeks, so be sure to request your One-Call as early as you can. There is a large volume of residents that need to know where lines are located, and it is important to note that before disturbing the ground of any residence or commercial building, lines must be located as per the 

  • Alberta Electrical Utility Code
  • Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code
  • Alberta Pipeline Regulation
  • Canada Energy Regulator’s Damage Prevention Regulations

Need help with getting your lines Marked? Click here.

Will All Lines Be Marked, or Could There be Buried Utilities That Stay Unmarked?

On private property, it is not uncommon that homeowners may have installed lines without registering them. Your first step is always to Click Before You Dig, Calgary, but if you suspect there are unmarked lines, you may need to hire a private line locator to find additional lines on your property. Alberta One-Call considers all water and sewer lines to be private, so any pile installations in areas where these lines could be will also require a private line locator. This would, unfortunately, be at your expense, but is worth the headache and potential health hazard that may come with hitting a buried utility that you were not aware was there.

When you click before you dig, all reported lines will be marked so you have a working knowledge of where it is safe to dig and where you need to avoid.

Click Before you Dig, Calgary!

When you click before you dig, Calgary, you can quite literally save a life. People have been injured by accidentally digging into buried electrical lines. Additionally when you put in for a locate request, you know where gas, power and other reported buried lines are located/ This helps you to avoid disruptions for not only your home or business, but those in your surrounding area. 

One call or click to our utility safety partners is all it takes to ensure your home or commercial project is done correctly and without incident. To access service requests or check the status of your request, you may simply log in and pull up your request. Please note that if there is a heavier volume, requests may take longer to process.

Screw Piles in Calgary

When having Screw Piles Installed, it is vital to always check for buried lines. Our team at the Screw Pile Pros ensures this is done prior to any installation. Once lines have been marked, plans can be made for how and where to construct your deck, porch, stairs, shed, or any other structure needing screw piles swiftly and safely. If you have any questions or need further assistance with Screw Pile installation for your home or business simply click the link below.

If you would like more information about licensing, permits, or contracting services that require ground penetration, contact our team. As screw pile professionals, we understand how the process works and may be your best bet when it comes to your upcoming home improvement project.